Discgo Charger

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Introducing Discgo Charger, a portable, robust, mobile phone charger that doesn't need to be plugged into a wall. Discgo gives users the freedom to move around a restaurant or cafe while recharging.

 ​About Discgo

Perfect for gaining a competitive edge over other operators, feedback tells us customers can stay at your location for up to two more drinks whilst they're recharging. Moreover customers will visit your venue next time, knowing you can keep their phones charged.

With no installation or software to use, the Discgo system is ready to go. It charges mobile phones at the same speed as if it was plugged into a wall socket, roughly 1% per minute, and can charge two mobile phones at the same time to 100% battery life. The Discgo charging app allows customers to find out where the nearest venue is that offers the Discgo facility, gaining your venue even more exposure as part of this service.  Advertising opportunities are also available on the discs, this space can be utilised to raise awareness of venue events and promotions. 
Introducing the Discgo App

The Discgo Charger App locates the nearest venues that offer the Discgo charging facility. Users can use their GPS location function to automatically discover all nearby participating venues, they can even search by venue name or different location.
Available on iOS and Android, make sure your venue is part of the Disco App so customers can find you!