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Customer Paging for restaurants & coffee shop.

Introduce your customers to the invisible queue. With customer paging solutions you give the customer the freedom to wait where they wish before their table / order is ready. This reduces congestion at arrival, leaves guests free to use the facilities, and there is no need for loud announcements. The pager the customer receives on arrival will alert them via tone, flash or vibrate, whatever you think is right for your venue.

Return on investment

What's most impressive about this solution is the return on investment. Customer paging helps turn tables faster by speeding up the seating process. Moreover, it reduces walkaways as customers feel assured that their place in the queue is secure. Staff are then free to upsell drinks at the bar while they wait encouraging higher spend. The majority of venues find the solutions pay for themselves within the first month of operation. With a variety of styles and products, CST can find the perfect customer paging solution for you and your budget.

CustomerCall Features: 

  • Increased Profits
Guests are free to use the bar or other facilities, reducing congestion at the hostess stand.
  • Reduced Noise Pollution
No need for staff to call out names: the customer pager will alert guests.
  • Relaxed Customers
Your guests can relax knowing their place in the queue is safe.
  • Most Reliable Customer Pagers
High-quality, durable parts for the best performance in the industry. 
  • Auto Pager Renumbering
Automatically renumber customer pagers, at the touch of a button.

  • Smart charging
Dramatically extends pager battery life without overcharging.
  • Unique System ID
Prevents nearby paging systems from interfering with communication in your restaurant.
  • Advertising Space
Promotion pocket displays custom inserts to promote your latest meal deals and offers.
  • Lights, Vibration, Tone
Ensures the customer is alerted when they need to return to the hostess stand. 
  • Anti-Theft Feature
An out-of-range alert minimises pager loss.

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