Category: Paging Systems


Let patients wait where they wish when queuing for their hospital appointment or at the pharmacy, with a MediCall hospital paging system.

Hand patients a MediCall hospital pager while they wait for their appointment. Patients are free to wander around the hospital grounds and return on time for their appointments. The hospital pager calls patients back discreetly, saving the embarassment of 'announced' names that all can hear. Waiting rooms are less congested, and staff are less stressed.
Carrying a MediCall hospital pager, hard-of-hearing patients can use their hearing loops to watch TV without fearing missing their appointments.

The sleek and robust hospital pagers withstanding splash, dust and impact hazards. An antimicrobial coating reduces the spread of infections further increasing hygiene and patient safety. The hospital paging system improves the waiting room environment for staff, patients and visitors and increases patient satisfaction.

MediCall Features: 

Hospital Admissions, A & E Departments, Same-Day-Surgery, Outpatients Clinics and Pharmacies. They all have one thing in common - the need for effective, discreet communication between staff, patients and visitors.

•  Reduced Noise Pollution
No need for loud announcements ensures a quieter waiting room area.

•  Relaxed Patients
Your patients can relax knowing that they will know immediately when it is their turn to be seen.

•  Advertising Space
Promotion pocket displays custom inserts for sponsorships and sharing healthcare advice. 

•  Most Reliable Pagers
High-quality, durable parts for the best performance in the industry. 
•  Patient Confidentiality
Contacts patients directly and discretely, keeping their names private.

•  Anti-Theft Feature
An out-of-range alert minimises pager loss.

•  Smart charging
Dramatically extends pager battery life without overcharging.

•  Auto Pager Renumbering
Automatically renumber pagers, at the touch of a button.

•  Unique System ID
Prevents nearby paging systems from interfering with communication in your department.

•  Lights, Vibration, Tone
Ensures the customer is alerted when they need to return to the relevant location.