Turn Customer Feedback Into The Value

Qmeter is a solution that helps you to understand your customer needs and their opinion about your business. It gives you a real-time portrait of your service and shows you where you rock, also what is waiting for your improvement.

Direct feedback in seconds

Customer satisfaction is one of the most important keys for successful business. Knowing what your clients love about your service and what improvements they want to see unlocks your abilities to skyrocket! We understand the importance of quality management and develop advanced tools to help you to stay your customers favorite place. With the help of Qmeter you can easily see what people think about your place in real-time, be aware of your strengths and weaknesses, analyze your company’s customer satisfaction trends and more.

Few clicks, and you are ready to hear from your clients

Imagine a tool that allows you to turn your client’s feedback into the resource that helps to grow your business. With Qmeter you can easily create customized feedback templates according to your brand, get incredible online and offline reports, know how your customers satisfied from your services. Make email and SMS alerts and be informed about bad responses immediately and get in touch with desired clients directly through the web app.


  • Direct Feedback

  • Collect feedback and customer experience information directly in store using any iOS and Android device. It takes less than 15 seconds to understand your customer.
  • Custom Template

  • Create your branded template. Use your corporate logo, choose the color options suitable to your corporate standards, ask multiple questions and specify them by clarifying marks.
  • Real-time Analytics

  • Track your services, branches and satisfaction level of your branches and company performance in one place. Be informed about about latest feedback right away and react to the situation accordingly.
  • Data Analysis & Reporting

  • Analyze all the data you see your performance to serve your customers better. Receive daily, weekly or monthly advanced reports to your Email.
  • Customer Database

  • Match your feedback with your customer information to know who is your happy customer and who needs your attention.Collect and create your own customer database for the future marketing purposes.
  • Notifications

  • Receive immediate detailed SMS and Email notifications with the customer info directly to your phone whenever there is a negative feedback.

Satisfaction Level Indicator (SLI)

As a customer experience and happiness professionals with 10+ years of experience first hand, we tried lots of techniques, implemented tons of tools and solutions to help businesses measure their customer satisfaction and make their clients super-happy. And our long-years endeavor brought us to a simple yet disrupting discovery that will change customer experience measurement industry from the roots! We at Qmeter - the team of data-hungry professionals came with a specific measurement technique - SLI (Satisfaction Level Indicator) that gives you the most exact data about your customers’ satisfaction and helps you to improve your services on the go!